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Forensics: the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts.

We find out if your home has been damaged by pyrite.

Why you need a Forensic Structural Engineer:

  • Your house has been damaged by what might be pyrite; and
  • You know the government’s Pyrite Resolution Board will pay for the repair of houses that have been significantly damaged by pyrite; and
  • You want to submit an application to the Pyrite Resolution Board.

Why you need Kavanagh Forensics:

  • We are experienced Forensic Structural Engineers. We understand how buildings are put together; how they fail; and how to repair them.
  • We are authorised by the Pyrite Resolution Board and Engineers Ireland to prepare ‘Building Condition Assessment’ reports.
  • We are based in North County Dublin so we are familiar with the types of damage that occur in houses in this area.

Want to know more about what a Building Condition Assessment involves? Download a sample report by Kavanagh Forensics.

About Us

Ian Kavanagh is a Forensic Structural Engineer. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Association of Consulting Forensic Engineers.

Ian is an experienced Engineer, who has now prepared over 1,000 technical reports into the causes of damage and failures.  He is a member of the ‘Pyrite (Building Condition Assessment) Register’ of Engineers Ireland. He is familiar with the requirements of the Pyrite Resolution Board and the national standard, I.S. 398: Part 1.

Contact Us

Kavanagh Forensics Limited,
Unit K5, Drinan Enterprise Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Phone: 01 516 1220